The Lexington Finance Center is a local income tax preparation center located in Baltimore City, MD. Since 1993 we have been providing tax preparation and tax problem resolution.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of e-filing tax returns and direct deposit refunds, at no additional cost.

Everyone has to file a tax return, why not receive $500.00 advance on your refund when you file today. Why wait!

For this coming tax season Lexington Financial Center will be offering a financial product that is unique for this tax season.  Neither H & R Block, Liberty Service or Jackson Hewitt will be offering this product.  Since people have to file their tax returns and for those who will receive a refund.  They will be eligible to receive $500.00 after their return has been accepted.  This usually happens on the same day that they file their tax return.  This is how the program will work.

  1. Client comes into our office and complete their tax return and apply to receive the $500.00. The client can elect to have the $500.00 place on a debit card or receive a check for $500.00
  1. We transmit the tax return to the IRS immediately, after completing the tax return.
  1. The IRS general will acknowledge that the return within minutes.
  1. Our company sends the file automatically to the bank, once the IRS has accepted the return.
  1. The Bank will either approve the loan or decline the loan.
  2. If the Bank approve the loan they will send a text message or voice mail saying they are approved. At that point, if they elected to receive the funds on a debit card the card will be funded.  If the client elected to receive the funds as a check they will return to the office  to pick up the check.
    1. If you are denied you  will receive a text message or email saying  your advance was not approved.  This process will not affect your tax return that was submitted to the IRS.
  1. Here is the best part you do not pay ANYTHING for the cash advance. Once the refund is process the bank will deduct only the $500.00.
  2. It gets better! If you receive the $500.00 and you do not receive a refund you are not obligated to pay back the loan.

So, how sweet is that!

We will start taking applications on January 20th of 2016 and the program will run thru the end of February.

So, if you have to do your taxes you might as well walk out with $500.00 check!